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Business Litigation in Tulsa

Work with an Effective Litigator from Brune Law Firm

If your business is facing an unresolvable complication, you may find it necessary to work with an experienced and trusted Tulsa business litigator. At Brune Law Firm, we strive to provide reliable, effective litigation to our clients, and work quickly to resolve conflicts both in and out of court. Whether you are facing an employee contract complication or an issue with a business partner, turn your trust to Brune Law Firm.

Small businesses and large corporations alike can find peace of mind by hiring an experienced litigator. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose a Business Litigator?

As a business owner, you should keep your focus on your customers and output, not on resolving complicated disputes. Any major legal issue that takes your attention away from your customers can significantly impact your business. Our firm will do our best to effectively represent you, defend your contracts, and resolve the misunderstanding as quickly as possible.

Our office may be able to assist you with:

  • Class action lawsuits
  • Warranties
  • Employee disputes
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Business torts
  • Toxic torts and environmental claims
  • Financial disputes
  • Partnership violations

Each business is unique, along with its business plans, financial standings, employees, and situation. It is important that you work with a knowledgeable and aggressive legal team that can help you resolve your disputes and litigation needs.

Trust Your Business to a Tulsa Business Litigator

When it comes to matters of litigation, your needs should be addressed by personable, experienced professionals that will take your case to heart. At Brune Law Firm, we are compassionate about our clients’ needs and strive to provide them with effective litigation for their companies.

For more information on how we can help you and your business, call (918) 876-0408 and schedule a consultation with our team.

Why Hire The Brune Law Firm?

  • We offer free and confidential consultations no matter what your legal matter is.
  • At the Brune Law Firm you get personalized attention with a tailored approach to your case.
  • Our attorneys have multiple years of experience successfully handling lawsuits and disputes.