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Business Fraud Protection from Brune Law Firm

Small businesses and corporations rely on the accountability of their contracts to ensure a smooth business operation. All clauses outlined in a contract must be upheld by each party and any failure to adhere to the contract could cause a breach of contract or fraudulent misrepresentation. In fraudulent misrepresentation cases, contracts can be considered invalid and may leave the faulted party an out from the contractual agreement.

Businesses that feel they are being made victims of fraudulent misrepresentation should work with an experienced Tulsa fraud claims attorney. At Brune Law Firm, we can thoroughly review your case and determine if your company has fallen victim to a fraudulent contract. Some fraudulent misrepresentations can be grounds to pursue a business lawsuit, and Brune Law Firm can help.

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Do I Have a Fraudulent Misrepresentation Claim?

There are a few elements that an attorney needs to look at before determining if you have a valid claim. If there is willful deception made obvious in the contract, fraudulent misrepresentation may be at play.

Our office can help calculate if you are the victim of fraud by determining if:

  • There have been serious complications in your business as a result of the misrepresentation, including lack of goods, poor delivery, or delays of service
  • The contractual claim was known to be false at the type that the contract was drafted
  • The wrongful party was aware that your business was reliant upon the misrepresentation and knowingly deceived you

In order to determine if your business has fallen victim to fraudulent misrepresentation, we recommend that you reach out to our firm.

Trust Your Company to Brune Law Firm

With any business or contractual agreement, it is important to work with an understanding and experienced business lawyer that can thoroughly review your case and develop a personalized approach for your company. You rely on contracts for your business and you should never feel you are being wronged by your agreements.

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