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Business Dissolution Attorney in Tulsa

Closing Down a Business with the Help of Brune Law Firm

If you have decided it is time for your business to shut its doors, you need to make sure you take every action available to ensure you do not face complications after your company has closed. Properly dissolving your business can save you from unexpected fines, taxes, and fees and help ensure all contracts are properly ended.

Having an experienced, understanding Tulsa business dissolution lawyer on your side can result in a smooth closure process and help you overcome complex issues related to closing a company.

At Brune Law Firm, our office stands ready to work with you and your shareholders, partners, and employees. Contact us at (918) 876-0408 and schedule a consultation with our Tulsa business dissolution lawyers.

How our business dissolution law firm Can Help Your Company

Whether you run a small business or large corporation, Brune Law Firm is here to help. Our office can work with you to legally terminate your business in Oklahoma and properly dissolve the entity to avoid tax complications.

Brune Law Firm can guide you through:

  • Shareholder disputes
  • Contract litigation
  • Property law disputes
  • Commercial leases
  • Vendor contractions
  • Employee terminations
  • Tax complications

The proper legal dissolution of a business is important, and you should always consult an experienced Tulsa business Dissolution attorney prior to closing your doors.

Ready to Move Forward? Let Brune Law Firm Help

If you are looking to close your business, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Brune Law Firm. We always provide one-on-one relationships with our clients and take the time to understand them, their needs, and their business ventures, whether they are dissolving or starting a business.

Our compassionate legal team will work with you to guide you through every negotiation and we will strive to fully represent you both in and out of court.

For more information on how our firm may be able to help, call (918) 876-0408 today to schedule a consultation with our Tulsa business dissolution attorneys.

Why Hire The Brune Law Firm?

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  • At the Brune Law Firm you get personalized attention with a tailored approach to your case.
  • Our attorneys have multiple years of experience successfully handling lawsuits and disputes.