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Contracts are legally binding entities that require two or more parties to perform certain duties to fulfill the requirements of the documentation. Failure to adhere to the contract or any portion of the contract could lead to a breach of contract. Breaches can be difficult to navigate, especially when one party feels that they are being wronged. It is important to have legal representation to ensure that the contract is fulfilled or that there is a legal release from the binding papers. At Brune Law Firm, we are proud to provide understanding, experienced, and effective services to clients facing any legal concerns over a contract dispute.

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Understanding Breach of Contract

Business contracts should be reliable and each member mentioned in the contract should uphold their outlined duties. When one party member falters on their contractual requirements, the faulted parties can take legal action to protect themselves and their business ventures.

Brune Law Firm may be able to work with you and your company to negotiate contract disputes as necessary on a variety of complications, including:

  • Warranty disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Financial disputes
  • Material breaches
  • Minor breaches
  • Partner and shareholder disputes

To resolve a contract dispute, there are generally a few paths of resolution you can take. Mediation may be effective in obtaining a favorable resolve but in some cases, litigation may be the only option. Should your dispute go to court, you can rely on Brune Law Firm to help represent you and fight for your case.

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